Aujourd’hui sur le forum de gamerfirst on a eu la confirmation de la sortie prochaine de la version ps4
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Post de Tiggs issue du forum

Sorry for the delay in responding to all this, as I was waiting for clearances to share more info. I can now confirm that Sony and our publisher have indeed lined up the game to go live, and since the launch announcements are handled by the publisher, we will be making a blog post with more details at launch time later this week. The current plan is to go live as a « soft-launch » with some initial promotions, and then gradually increasing exposure and marketing around the game.

The various updates and fixes that were built for Xbox One have been incorporated into the PS4 build from the start, which will benefit the PS4 players. Expect more information shortly on the blog just around launch time.

Ça annonce un blog post bientôt avec toutes les infos.

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